Sephardic Maritime Routes and Artificial Intelligence added to Global Story Maps.

Ports of Spain used by Sephardic Jews to exit Sefarad after 1492 expulsion.

20230111. #SephardicMaritimeRoutes and #ArtificialIntelligence. We are starting our research of Sephardic Maritime Routes by integrating traditional documents, ancient and current maps and nautical charts, current satellite imagery, photos and new Artificial Intelligence tools. #OpenAI and #ChatGPT generated this AI response today after asking about this topic:

“” The Sephardic Jews were a Jewish community that originated in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) and later dispersed to other parts of the world. In the late 15th and early 16th centuries, many Sephardic Jews were forced to flee the Iberian Peninsula due to the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions. They established communities in various places such as the Ottoman Empire, Italy, the Netherlands, and the Americas.

These Sephardic Jews used a variety of maritime routes to reach these destinations. Some of the most notable routes included:

  • The Mediterranean Sea: Sephardic Jews traveled by boat to places such as the Ottoman Empire (modern-day Turkey, Greece, and the Balkans), Italy, and North Africa.
  • The Atlantic Ocean: Sephardic Jews also established communities in the Netherlands and the Americas. They would have used ships to travel across the Atlantic Ocean to reach these places.
  • The Caribbean Sea: Many Sephardic Jews also settled in the Caribbean, particularly in Dutch colonies like Curaçao and Suriname, they would have taken ships across the Caribbean Sea.

It is important to note that this was a long and dangerous journey, many people died on the sea or were captured by pirates or slave traders, this Sephardim communities have been formed from the individuals who reach their destination . “” – ChatGPT 20230111

We will continue adding new references to these maritime routes and keep track of AI progress. This model is using Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF). Ref. 

#ChatGPT #DrLepervanche_AI #GeoSefarad_AI #ArtificialIntelligence

This is the topic of our new Story Map that we are developing in 2023. We will collect and integrate all new information in “Rutas Marítimas de Sefardíes. #SephardicMaritimeRoutes“. See progress in this link #GlobalStoryMaps

20230129. #SephardicMaritimeRoutes. We are back in Spain and we started to organize the information and maps that we already have. For this specific research we are going to use Artificial Intelligence tools such as ChatGPT to explore their suggestions based on our questions. We will contrast this AI answer with documents, articles, and our collaborators and experts. Please, feel free to comment, contrast, and add new references. I will add our simplified #DrJoseMaps to track our journey. This is our initial map of Ports in Spain that have been already identified as being used by Sephardic Jews to abandon Sefarad after the expulsion of 1492. See our first @ChatGPT_AI response about #SephardicMaritimeRoutes posted a few weeks ago. Let’s begin our maritime journey. Let’s see what we discover using AI tools, ancient and modern maps, and nautical charts. Let’s also see if we can fix errors found in ChatGPT and other AI tools.

This new response is about the ports used. “”The ports used by Sephardic Jews to exit Spain in 1492 were primarily located along the Mediterranean coast, including cities such as Valencia, Barcelona, and Granada. Many also left from the port of Cadiz, located on the southern coast of Spain. They also fled to the border towns such as Melilla and Ceuta. The majority of Sephardic Jews left Spain for other parts of Europe, North Africa, and the Ottoman Empire.””

We will start with these ports and Ceuta y Melilla.#OpenAI #ChatGPT #DrLepervanche_AI #SephardicMaritimeRoutes #GeoSefarad_AI


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